Leader of x86 system Nettars tech


It is a total solution provider composed of appliance which is certified
and a optimal solution for our customoers various IT requirements.


We are a partner company of open source solution company redhat providing the best open source solution to our customers with our O/S, Virtualization, infrastructure and technology.

Veritas Access

Software definded scale-out NAS for unstructured data

Veritas Access is optimized to a wide use x86 H/W.
By expanding and connecting cloud storage with inflecting the existing storage, we give a simple and easy managing work to the cutomers of manager.

InfoScale Enterprise

Software-defined storage with high availability

Software-defined storage built for the largest, most demanding organizations can’t compromise on high performance and high availability. Our solution easily spans private, hybrid, and public clouds.

Hazelcast IMDG

IMDG solution realizing high availability and high performance scale out.

Hazelcast IMDG manages data and to achieve groundbreaking speed and expadibility, it supports to break up the process of Parallel processing method