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NettMicro server and storage provides optimal solution such as
NVMe, SAS, SATA, which meets your needs.

NettMicro Server

NettMicro server provides hot-swap storage function and it is a optimal solution for Clouds optimized to Hyper Converged Infrastructure.

From 1U single node to 2U quad node system of multi node CPU option, it is a high density and performance server with expandibility and flexibility. Under the condition of overload, with its efficient cooling design, it has enterprise level stabability, fusibility and manage with strict verification. In addition, with its platform that fits to all of the workload, it can satisfy the various needs of IT and can realize the business success.

sNettMicro Storage

NettMicro Storage is a 2U All-Flash NVMe storage solution that can help you meet your demanding storage performance needs, including optimizing data center performance and lowering TCO.

NettMicro storage solution has characteristics of Pcle, Gen3 based NVMe SSD and provide fast running speed and the lowest delay time compared to other company’s products.
This enhances overall performance in workload of data center. Especially, it provides compution of optimal high-performance solution in the various field of CEPH, ICSI/iSER, NoSQL, SMB3,VSAN, and general DB.