Leader of x86 system Nettars tech


Manufacturing Server & Storage

With our stored technical skills we make the NettMicro server & storage with our own technology.

The Nettars Tech is a domestic x86 server and storage making specialized company. NettMicro possess many certifications with outstanding performance and stability qualified by government agencies.

Appliance Type

Versatility of x86 server meets every needs of business

NettMicro server is designed as x86 architecture that has the best versatility. With this performance, it can be compatible with apps that require various business needs

Technical Support

With outstanding experience of technology service to many government agencies and general companies, we give the best IT technology service.

We enhance the operation efficiency with on and off-line technology support to solve problems quickly and to give endless system operation, we use the best skilled manpower.

IT Infrastructure

With strengthen specialty we combine a number of factors to provide system integration.

We provide total IT service to maximize customer's competence and value through expertise and know-how in IT infrastructure construction, consulting, system operation and maintenance.

Research & Development

We have a research institute for development.

The research institute of Nettars Tech is developing solutions that can be tailored to your organization's needs. We will continue our research to lead the IT industry and develop new technology.